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Freelancing is usually seen as self-employment and most of the times, the contract of a freelancer is just for a short period of time. The person who does freelancing is a freelancer and a freelancer is not committed to an employer on a full-time basis and a freelancer is also engaged to accomplish tasks remotely.

Meanwhile, jobs are permanent and they guarantee a monthly paycheck which is why most of the people who live in their comfort zone. However, jobs have their own perks as well.

So let’s get started…

PROS of Freelancing:

The Pros of the freelancing are the following ones:

1. Take your Office with you:

When you are a freelancer, you can easily take your work with you (if you have a laptop or something else). You can enjoy different settings to work in. For instance, many places offer free Wi-Fi connections just like McDonald’s and many other coffee shops. If you’re going to have lunch or dinner, you can do your freelancing jobs or tiny projects there and this one is the best pros of a freelancer.

2. Let Creativity Flow:

Most of the times when you are working in an office environment, you’re forced to deal with the thing that you don’t want and there you also forced to deal with those things that are out of your control such as phone ringing, gossips of your co-workers, meetings and many more. But when you are your own boss, you can easily control your surroundings and you can easily avoid those types of things and this also helps you to focus more on your work.

3. Time of Day:

Let you that some of DO NOT function in the mornings but then there are those of us who roll out of bed first and ready to start their day. If you can think better at night, then as a Freelancer, you have the freedom to work at night. This can leave your day wide open to go and play golf or catch a movie and relax before settling in to do some important work in the evening.

CONS of Freelancing:

The Cons of the freelancing are the following ones:

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1. When do I get Paid?

Freelancers have to be a bit savvier when it comes to financial stuff as compared to normal job holders. As a freelancer, you’ll have to be extra careful when accepting a gig or job. Just find out up front how much you are supposed to get paid. Too often people get caught doing the work but never seeing the paycheck.

2. Anyone Benefits?

Most of the employers who work office jobs are offered some kind of compensation in the way of health benefits. But on the other hand, freelancers will have to go it alone when it comes to these things. It is unlikely that you will land a freelancing gig in which the person employing you may be willing to offer you some good health benefits.

3. How long will this last:

A huge thing on every freelancer’s mind is “How long is this job going to last?” Sometimes this thing can put a lot of pressure on the freelancer’s mind. Many freelancers don’t meet their employers face-to-face. The thing you need to remember is that as a freelancer, you are almost always the employee, which means that if you are offering money to the client, huge chances are created for your replacement.

A Full-Time Job

A fulltime job as the name suggests is a job situation where an employee is engaged by a defined number of working hours and rule of engagement managed or set by the employer. It is also referred to as permanent employment.

PROS of Full-Time Job:

The Pros of a full-time job are the following ones:

1. Fixed source of income:

In a full-time job, the employer gets access to a steady stream of income. As compared to the freelancer, you should not rely on the number of clients. In normal full-time jobs, the employer gets the fixed salary and this could be weekly, bi-weekly or monthly. This fixed source of income relaxes you at many points and gives you more advantages than the freelancers.

2. Better Policies:

A full-time job holder has many relaxations and advantages. He gets the best policies as compared with the freelancers. He can get sick leave as he wants and he can also enjoy holidays just by submitting an application to its boss or other staff members. He also gets the vacations based policy to make his self calmer and focused.

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3. Insurance Benefits:

If you are a full-time job holder, then you can have some insurance policies offered by the companies. If you have any serious health issues, then the company also helps you to cover your health issues. Having the best health and insurance policies, you can enjoy your life by having low worries and lessen tensions.

CONS of Full-Time Job:

The Cons of a full-time job are the following ones:

1. Fixed Hours:

Hours are fixed in a full-time job. You have to arrive at the time and if you may get late, then some income has been deducted from your salary. It is one of the bad things while doing a full-time job and deduction from the salary can cause you some financial issues.

2. Lack of Job Security:

If you are not a permanent job holder then you may easily be terminated by the company due to any reason. This is the worst thing because by this you can feel the fear of termination the whole time. There is a lack of job security in this field and you have to think about it.

3. Office Issues:

You will agree with me on this that a 9-5 job can make you feel like you are working inside a box. Working in those situations can lower your potential and maybe your true potential might never be realized by a full-time job.

Final Words:

The gains or drawbacks of freelance VS full-time job appear to you will depend largely on your choice and needs. But in my personal opinion, I would like to suggest you to do freelancing because on a freelancing platform, you earn in a comfort zone just by using your sharp skills and best communication style. Freelancing gives you some best advantages like you can do your work anywhere, any time.

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