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How I made my first 20,000$

How I made my first 20,000$

When I was in my teenage years, the only thing I ever dreamed or cared about was just getting out there and start earning so that I can do whatever I want with my life. I wanted total financial freedom. Considering my passion for growth and my level of commitment, I used to think that achieving financial freedom would be a piece of cake. But I realized soon enough that things mostly don’t go the way you plan them. In short, it was dam hard for me to get to where I am right now. It took me hours of work, countless sleepless nights and 110% commitment to be able to achieve my standards of financial freedom. Let me share with you how I made $20,000 in just a few months and how I have been making the same amount of money since then.

Here are the jobs that helped me get that income:

1. Blogging:

There is no better online job than blogging and through this, I make more than $20,000 per month.

Let you know that, I have made more than 1 million dollars in the last 6 years through blogging.

I simply recommend this online job to each student and anyone who wants to work from easily and there is no skill required for blogging.

I’ll show you some easy steps if you want to start blogging:

  1. Start a blog first in 30 minutes.
  2. Start publishing some good and unique content related to your hobbies or some different or amazing ideas.
  3. Start promoting your blog to get traffic.
  4. Use different methods like AdSense or Affiliate programs to make money.

2. Online Ad Clicking Jobs:

Online Ad clicking job is one of the easiest jobs because even an 11 years old kid can do this,

This job doesn’t require any special skills or any kind of experience. You just have to join some sites that pay for clicking and reading jobs.

It’s easy to earn $200 to $500 monthly by working 20-25 minutes on those sites.

I have been consistently working on different sites who pay for Ad clicking and reading and I was literally earning 4 figures monthly income from those sites.

I have made more than $5,000 from one such site and just trust me, I never worked more than 20-25 minutes for make such income.

On those sites you just need to do the following thing:

  1. Join some sites that pay for ad clicking and reading.
  2. Log In to your account daily.
  3. View ads and complete your other tiny and easy tasks.
  4. Get paid instantly.

3. Online Freelancing Jobs:

I used to do freelancing a few years back and I was making around $3,000+ per month with freelancing jobs. I used to write creative articles for my clients. Let you know that freelancing is one of the best online jobs for individual people. Here you can work without having skills like by using arbitrage method. You can join many different freelancing platforms like Fiverr, Upwork and Freelancer etc where you can easily earn profitable income without having any kind of skills.

4. Earning with YouTube:

Let you know that YouTube is growing like never before and it is becoming one of the main sources of income for many of the YouTubers. I have got the approval for the YouTube partner program and now I am focusing to publish more videos to make some cool income from YouTube.

You just need to follow the mentioned 3 steps:

  1. Start your own YouTube Channel.
  2. Create and Upload interesting and unique videos.
  3. Also, join the YouTube Partner Program. After that just count the cash coming from YouTube.

5. Online Captcha Jobs:

Another way of earning money without having skill is captcha entry. I also used to do captcha entry jobs for some time. I have earned a lot of decent income through this job.

If you want to make some extra income from this online job then the first thing you need to do is register with some affiliated site and then you just need to type the text form from the images and submit.

Additional thing is that fast typing is required to make a good income from this captcha entry job.

6. Online Data Entry Jobs:

Data entry is another online job where I never worked for too long. A number of companies offered online data entry jobs. This type of job also requires no skills or any kind of experience.

You just need to sign up on related site so that you can get your package of work. Some kind of data has been given to you and you just have to enter that on the site.

Believe me, this is the simplest way of getting income.

7. Online Jobs on Smartphone:

Another best opportunity of a free online job comes with your Smartphone (both Android and iOS).

A number of mobile apps pay you for completing single tasks and some normal offers.

The applications with the highest reviews and thousands of satisfied members will pay you better on time for completing the tasks.

You can install those apps in your Smartphone and you’ll get paid for completing offers like playing some free games, trying some best offers or by watching videos and many more. This needs no skill at all.

Final Words:

The above-mentioned jobs allowed me to make $20,000 in just a few months. This doesn’t mean that you only make $20,000. I made $20,000 because that was my goal. You can make more money than me with these jobs. It all depends upon the time and the effort that you put in.

These methods are ideal for you if you don’t have any particular skills or you are just starting off in your journey to financial freedom. This is certainly going to require you to put in hours of effort and absolute commitment, but with perseverance and consistency you can pull this off.

Make money Online at Home with No Skills

Make money Online at Home with No Skills

Making money online is one of the fastest growing income sources and we will tell you how to make money online without having any kind of skill.

The secret behind making money online without any skill is to “Use the Knowledge and Skills of Others”.

You can use the knowledge of others in such a way that you will sell someone’s stuff to others on different online platforms. This will take a little bit of time and in the result, you’ll definitely get a profit.

A number of ways can be used to make money online without having any skill and here we described some of them to you.

The valued ways to make money online are the following:

1. Arbitrage Service:

Arbitrage is a side business service and here first you find an in-demand service that freelancers are already offering at a very low price on freelancing platforms. After that, you will market their services to business that need. After the process, once you get a sale, you can easily hire freelancers to deliver the project or work for you.

In Arbitrage method, you quote a higher price to your clients than what your freelancers quote you to the pocket the actual price difference as your profit.

Let you that, this can be considered another variant of freelancing and the only difference is that you are outscoring the work to the other freelancer instead of doing all the work by yourself.

This method is suitable for those people who have no sell-able and marketing skills but they have little time for the side business. You have to deliver the order to the client in the given time. When your freelancer has completed the work, simply deliver the work to the client. Here you also have to satisfy the client by your work and you can also post many free classified ads from the popular Free classified Ads Websites. By following this way you can definitely earn money without having any skill and just by hiring the other freelancers from the different platforms.

2. Sell Someone Else’s Stuff:

This is not a new ideal at all and this is also becoming the fastest way to earn. Here you can purchase someone’s stuff and you can easily sell them online. You can also put your own tags according to your own desire.

This is the simple way to earn online and just to brief you we’ll give you an example. We’re putting this as a reference that Amazon is one of the famous and successful online platforms. And Amazon doesn’t make products. They sell products for other businesses. For your information let me know you that Amazon is now also making some products on their own just like Batteries.

Just like Amazon, many other online platforms are now allowing you to sell your products on their platform.  You can easily ship the items with your own new labels on them to their warehouses. This is the most commonly used method and you can also use this way to make online without having any skill. And by selling the products on a very large scale can also give you some discount and many other facilities.

3. Affiliate Income:

One way business increase sales for their products, digital goods and services are by just having a small bunch of people with other websites actively sale for them. These talented website owners send their people to the business’s website to make a purchase.

In the exchange of this whole process, the business sends them a profitable commission which usually comes from a percent of the total sale.

Let suppose that you are an affiliate for an online platform, you’ll have a unique link that is used to send other people to the online platform. So, if you send some people to that online platform through your affiliate unique link and if they make a purchase in the next 24 hours then you’ll definitely get a small commission on that sale. That commission is usually a few cents or dollars. Most of the times, the commission depends upon how many people buy and how many people you refer in a given period.

You’ll be happy to know that many popular and larger online platforms give a good commission and they will often pay out $50 to $200 per sale. Their customer services are phenomenal and some happy customers also recommend your affiliate link to the others. This is really a very good commission and you also make this kind of many online without having any kind of skill.

4. Curate Knowledge:

You should keep in mind that you don’t have to know everything, there is to know about a topic to make money online from it.

You can curate knowledge, experience, and fame by interviewing someone, or by reading books and posting your thoughts as others do.

By putting a reference, Larry King and Oprah Winfrey become famous for their knowledge and they became famous also by interviewing others.

In short, first, they curate the knowledge and then by their amazing experienced journey, they become very popular.

You can also make money by interviewing hundreds of entrepreneurs and also use the audio to create a podcast of this interview.

Currently, many others are following their unique way of earning. This is also a very famous way among others due to its uniqueness and you can easily generate money without any skill.

Final Words:

Making money online without having any skill is pretty easy and you can definitely earn money through the multiple ways mentioned above. These methods are in demand and by using these ways you can hire freelancers for your benefit needs and you can also purchase stuff to sell online with the tags of your own desire. You can make money very easily just in a short period of time. Any person, who has zero knowledge about marketing and have no experience, can easily earn through it and live life as he wants.

Freelancing OR Job, Which One is better for You?

Freelancing OR Job, Which One is better for You?


Freelancing is usually seen as self-employment and most of the times, the contract of a freelancer is just for a short period of time. The person who does freelancing is a freelancer and a freelancer is not committed to an employer on a full-time basis and a freelancer is also engaged to accomplish tasks remotely.

Meanwhile, jobs are permanent and they guarantee a monthly paycheck which is why most of the people who live in their comfort zone. However, jobs have their own perks as well.

So let’s get started…

PROS of Freelancing:

The Pros of the freelancing are the following ones:

1. Take your Office with you:

When you are a freelancer, you can easily take your work with you (if you have a laptop or something else). You can enjoy different settings to work in. For instance, many places offer free Wi-Fi connections just like McDonald’s and many other coffee shops. If you’re going to have lunch or dinner, you can do your freelancing jobs or tiny projects there and this one is the best pros of a freelancer.

2. Let Creativity Flow:

Most of the times when you are working in an office environment, you’re forced to deal with the thing that you don’t want and there you also forced to deal with those things that are out of your control such as phone ringing, gossips of your co-workers, meetings and many more. But when you are your own boss, you can easily control your surroundings and you can easily avoid those types of things and this also helps you to focus more on your work.

3. Time of Day:

Let you that some of DO NOT function in the mornings but then there are those of us who roll out of bed first and ready to start their day. If you can think better at night, then as a Freelancer, you have the freedom to work at night. This can leave your day wide open to go and play golf or catch a movie and relax before settling in to do some important work in the evening.

CONS of Freelancing:

The Cons of the freelancing are the following ones:

1. When do I get Paid?

Freelancers have to be a bit savvier when it comes to financial stuff as compared to normal job holders. As a freelancer, you’ll have to be extra careful when accepting a gig or job. Just find out up front how much you are supposed to get paid. Too often people get caught doing the work but never seeing the paycheck.

2. Anyone Benefits?

Most of the employers who work office jobs are offered some kind of compensation in the way of health benefits. But on the other hand, freelancers will have to go it alone when it comes to these things. It is unlikely that you will land a freelancing gig in which the person employing you may be willing to offer you some good health benefits.

3. How long will this last:

A huge thing on every freelancer’s mind is “How long is this job going to last?” Sometimes this thing can put a lot of pressure on the freelancer’s mind. Many freelancers don’t meet their employers face-to-face. The thing you need to remember is that as a freelancer, you are almost always the employee, which means that if you are offering money to the client, huge chances are created for your replacement.

A Full-Time Job

A fulltime job as the name suggests is a job situation where an employee is engaged by a defined number of working hours and rule of engagement managed or set by the employer. It is also referred to as permanent employment.

PROS of Full-Time Job:

The Pros of a full-time job are the following ones:

1. Fixed source of income:

In a full-time job, the employer gets access to a steady stream of income. As compared to the freelancer, you should not rely on the number of clients. In normal full-time jobs, the employer gets the fixed salary and this could be weekly, bi-weekly or monthly. This fixed source of income relaxes you at many points and gives you more advantages than the freelancers.

2. Better Policies:

A full-time job holder has many relaxations and advantages. He gets the best policies as compared with the freelancers. He can get sick leave as he wants and he can also enjoy holidays just by submitting an application to its boss or other staff members. He also gets the vacations based policy to make his self calmer and focused.

3. Insurance Benefits:

If you are a full-time job holder, then you can have some insurance policies offered by the companies. If you have any serious health issues, then the company also helps you to cover your health issues. Having the best health and insurance policies, you can enjoy your life by having low worries and lessen tensions.

CONS of Full-Time Job:

The Cons of a full-time job are the following ones:

1. Fixed Hours:

Hours are fixed in a full-time job. You have to arrive at the time and if you may get late, then some income has been deducted from your salary. It is one of the bad things while doing a full-time job and deduction from the salary can cause you some financial issues.

2. Lack of Job Security:

If you are not a permanent job holder then you may easily be terminated by the company due to any reason. This is the worst thing because by this you can feel the fear of termination the whole time. There is a lack of job security in this field and you have to think about it.

3. Office Issues:

You will agree with me on this that a 9-5 job can make you feel like you are working inside a box. Working in those situations can lower your potential and maybe your true potential might never be realized by a full-time job.

Final Words:

The gains or drawbacks of freelance VS full-time job appear to you will depend largely on your choice and needs. But in my personal opinion, I would like to suggest you to do freelancing because on a freelancing platform, you earn in a comfort zone just by using your sharp skills and best communication style. Freelancing gives you some best advantages like you can do your work anywhere, any time.


Are You Really Putting All of Your Eggs in One Basket?

Are You Really Putting All of Your Eggs in One Basket?

Are you relying on your ONLY income source?

If yes, then this article is written especially for you.

It is well said that “Don’t Put your all Eggs in One Basket” and this does not mean don’t take the risk at all but to take calculated risks at every stage of your life.

This is a piece of advice which means that one should not concentrate all of his efforts and resources only in one area because he could lose everything.

It would be better if you focus on the other platforms to reduce the overall risk factor. It is wise to diversify your investments on different online platforms as a freelancer.

You should not rely only on one freelancing website because they have the authority to ban you anytime. You must go for multiple freelancing websites like FiverrUpwork, Freelancer, Peopleperhour, Airtasker as a proper backup to make your cash flowing.

Here are some reasons why you should not rely on one freelancing platform:

1. To have Financial Stability:

Relying on one source of income is definitely too dangerous especially for those with family. If you get yourself banned from the platform by any issue, it might take some time before you are able to land on new employment or other freelancing platforms.

Working on the multiple freelancing platforms will be able to reduce the risk of being left without any income.

2. Development of Your Skills:

By having multiple sources of income, you get to learn many new things.

Every business has its own perks and cons. So, You just need to keep trying on the other platforms to produce more income and this will have fewer chances of getting zero income.

The important thing to take note is that if you have multiple skills, it will automatically increase your value in the market and you have better chances of getting a highly paid job.

3. Preparation for the Rainy Days:

Emergencies, accidents and other unexpected events didn’t give us any symptoms.

One thing for sure, they require money.

For those who rely on one platform, it is going to be a tough time when these kinds of emergencies happen. Because you don’t have additional funds for it and you will have to face such kind of difficulties.

For this, you should have to make money from the other different platforms and from this additional source of income you can face and overcome these situations steadily.

4. Boost your SAVINGS:

By working on different freelancing platforms, you can easily save as much as you can. Each new source and skill will increase the total amount of the money you make and represent another way of potential advancement. This will definitely boost your savings and also provides you many opportunities in your future to invest.

5. Grow your Investment:

When you are able to pay off your debt faster due to multiple sources of income, you can channel the same income to boost your income.

When your income is being boosted by paying your debts faster through savings, this can help to grow your investment.

In a simple way, when you have multiple platforms for a source of income, you can easily grow your investment with the additional money.

For example, you can invest the extra money to your preferred unit trust account or you can save that money for your retirement and believe me this is the best way of investment.

6. Provide your Additional Protection:

It is always a good idea to have some additional protection. With the additional income, you will be able to buy additional insurance and the other medical coverage for you and your whole family.

Sometimes medical fees increase and it is important to have sufficient medical coverage for the whole family and this can be done by working on multiple freelancing platforms.

By relying on one platform, you can’t get all other additional facilities and resources. So, think about it.

7. Generate Profit:

Instead of just concentrating on one business, think of creative ways to add value to your business so that it will generate profits through other multiple ways.

Work for the Business, NOT in the Business ~ By Muneeb Dogar

It is wiser to put your eggs in different baskets because if you rely on one freelancing website, you may face many difficulties. So, it also gives your time to the other freelancing platforms to generate more profit by having money from different income sources.

8. Less Pressure and more Fulfilled Life:

There is no need to say that when you see money coming from multiple sources of income, you will feel less pressure. Due to this, you will perform better in many aspects of your life.

Additional income also provides you the option to travel or contribute to society. Thus, by having such kind of these facilities, you’ll have a more fulfilled life.

Final Words:

Multiple sources of income not only provide us with additional cash but it also adds value to our lives in many other positive ways. You just need to select multiple freelancing online platforms, instead of having only one platform to work with.

All the platforms are growing very fast and each platform gives you a different experience. This will also make your skills very sharp and valuable.

Without a doubt, it is well said that “Don’t put all of your Eggs in One Basket”.

You just need to avoid relying only on one working platform because this can affect you badly both mentally and physically. Working on different platforms will give you more income and fewer worries.

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